Fitness Blogger’s ‘Before-And-After’ Photo Shows Reality of Life

Fitness blogger Joanne Encarnacion is giving a whole new meaning to sharing before-and-after photos on Instagram.

Joanne posted a photo that included a picture of herself in October 2016 next to a picture of herself in March 2017, which shows her being “less fit” in the second photo.

She started her post with “’I am a failure for not sticking to consistently training and for not eating as clean as I should have.’ This is the story I could be telling myself,” however, the post changed to show the reality of her self-belief.

Joanne explained that she “once heard that our reality is largely made up of our perceptions and beliefs, not facts. And that our ideas and theories are based on experiences and opinions, so much so that we start to create stories from these views and judgments.”

Then she began to spread her body positivity, writing that “instead of writing a failure story, I chose to look at this set of progress pictures a few days ago and tell myself a different story.”

“It doesn’t make you less of an example of a strong woman,” she told herself, sending a message to the entire fitness community on Instagram.

“Since October of last year you were working on recovering from a shoulder injury, rebuilding a marriage that was close to divorce, raising two young women (including an emotional teenager), creating long lasting friendships with women you once felt unworthy to be around, and most importantly going back to school to start a career in health and life coaching that you’ve been day dreaming about for almost 2 years,” she said in a letter to herself.

Joanne noted that “living a healthy life means nourishing all the areas that make you whole,” and she knows that “fitness is just a part of that.”