An affair with fabric: Peace Malleni, fashion designer

Peace Malleni is the Owner and Designer of Malleni Designs. She is Ugandan, born in Kampala. From a young age she has loved clothes, shoes and accessories. She is not a formally trained designer.

Peace is a trained lawyer who  worked for the United Nations in Sierra Leone and Arusha, Tanzania for  seven years. However, fashion has always been her passion, and at the end of her contract with the United Nations she decided to make her fashion designing dream a reality.

Peace began to design for her herself, family and friends as a way to channel her creative energy, and has gradually created a line that embodies her vision of style while showcasing traditional Ugandan and African influences.

Malleni Designs are for both female and male professional executives by day, and for vibrant, urban fun-lovers by night and weekends. They are meant for those who are not afraid to make a statement.

The brand mixes different fabrics and textures, such as African prints with silk, chiffon, lace, leather, and linen, to create a stunning fusion effect.

Currently, Malleni Designs is based in Arusha Tanzania, where it is opening its first boutique, with the aim of spreading to other African countries and to other fashion capitals around the world.

Contacts: or Facebook: Malleni Designs.