Unleashing Your Inner Girl Boss

by Storm-Manea Ellyat


I’m Storm and it’s so good to finally come out and tell you all that I am a Girl Boss. Not only am I saying this, I believe it!

Do I have a business? Barely.  Am I successful? Well that depends on your definition.  Am I a girl boss?

Yes, yes, 100% YES!

with every bone in my body, with every breath I take.

And you know what?

You are too!

Forget bitchy, forget bossy, forget emotional, forget girly. You are your own boss.

The master of your masterpiece and whatever it is you choose to do, do it #likeagirl, #likeaboss, #likeagirlboss.

I never really believed it myself, until a twist of fate challenged the story I’d been telling myself “no one cares what you have to say.” Well oddly enough, two million people cared what I had to say and slowly I changed my story.

As a new mother, I was struggling to find my people and I wrote a raw, emotional post A Letter to My People #nojudgementclub about the version of parenting I was sold versus my reality. It wasn’t a literary masterpiece but it was meI continued to share stories that were entirely me and the more I did, the more my story changed.

I realised my inner girl boss had always been there. The girl who sold everything, left the comfort of family and friends at 21 to move 4310.7 km cross country for an unknown adventure – was a boss.

The girl who cried every day in the first week of moving to Perth, Australia, and lived in her car – was a boss.

The girl who wrote plays for her imaginary friends when she was five  – was a boss.

The girl who planned, organised, made and bought all her decorations for her wedding in three months whilst pregnant – was a boss.

The woman who is a now a wife, mother and most time mess – IS A BOSS.

This is the story I tell myself now. In whatever situation or crisis I’m facing I channel my girl boss

I own who I am and am fierce in every triumph and every failure. As a writer, the essence of who I am is in every character and every phrase I write. I often feel exposed but I own my vulnerability.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear; I’m often terrified, but I know that who I am and what I have to offer is more important than fear. You are exactly where you should be when it’s scary and hard – so do it anyway.

Being a mother terrifies me. It always has and it still does but here I am, 26, stay at home mother and wife punching JUST in the face.

JUST a mum, JUST a wife, JUST a student, JUST a girl is not welcome in my story.

I’m JUST amazing. I JUST married the man of my dreams, JUST made and am raising a beautiful little human, JUST had my writing published in Marie Claire, Huffington Post, The Mirror UK & Mamamia to name a few and JUST organized my first ever Girls Night In for Women’s Cancer all by being JUST me.

There are girl bosses everywhere and most importantly, inside you and each woman you know. Whether they’re a boss personally or professionally, at school, in their businesses, their homes or their own destinies, no one is a JUST.  We need to stop telling ourselves these stories and start owning who we are. I challenge you to unleash your inner girl boss.

Whether you’re pitching to a client or pitching vegetables to a toddler – do it #likeaboss, #likeagirlboss.

To help you unleash your inner girl boss, I’ll be profiling various girl bosses for a series called Girl Bosses for Girls Night In.  All these amazing women are donating their time and services to raise money and awareness for Women’s Cancer and I can’t wait to share their stories with you and show you:

We are all more than our JUSTs.



Storm-Manea Ellyat is a Content writer, Blogger and resident hot mess mom. She is in her final year studying a Bachelor of Communications and has a range of interests from who is patrolling the South China Sea, to who’s walking in New York’s fashion week. Her writing focuses on social, political and humanitarian issues and is often through her lens as a woman, mother and wife.

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