Investing For Students! How To Build A $1,400,000 Investment Portfolio

Okay, so I completely understand that not everyone can afford to follow this strategy as cash flow for most teenagers and students is very tight. However please remember whilst money may be tight now, it won’t always be like that. You may want to think about investing next year, so this is just an idea for you to think about.

But, I want you to realise the potential that you can achieve by starting to invest early in life. THE EARLIER THAT YOU START, THE BETTER AND EASIER BUILDING WEALTH WILL BE. Also, even a small investment of $1 per week is better than nothing!

$30 per week may sound like a lot of money, but remember it is less than $5 per day, so maybe you skip a coffee, take a packet lunch or do something to find $5 per day to put towards this idea. Or maybe get a part time job?

Also, if you go to the SugarMamma website, (www.SugarMamma.TV) and check out the $1,000 project, you will see heaps of different ideas as how to manifest/save/create $1,000 to kick start your investing. I won’t necessarily be easy, but it will feel good and you can start feeling proud of yourself that you are taking healthy and wise steps to build a better financial future for youself.

In essence, this is the basic strategy:

$1,000 initial lump sum investment + $30 per week for 2 years
$1,000 second lump sum investment + $60 per week for 10 years
$10,000 + $120 per week for 32 years.

I will be doing more videos like this with different amounts, for different people. So please do not feel discouraged if you can’t afford to do this strategy as I will be making more for you!

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Canna Campbell xx