GirlInspo exists to celebrate and share the joy of being a girl and to encourage and inspire girls of all ages to be the best they can be in whatever endeavour they choose.

GirlInspo was borne from the need for girls to have a place where looks and appearance were not regarded as being more important than their personalities, talents, intellect and ambition.

It came together from the combined passion of over 400 women world-wide, who wanted to create a place where girls and women can share and learn from each others’ experiences in all fields of life – social and community, education, health, business and work, sport and recreation, creative arts, domestic and family, and fashion and personal style.

We encourage diversity in all components of content production, and want to hear the voices of girls and women of all races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, faith, and abilities in the content published on GirlInspo.

We welcome articles and content of the full range of perspectives and opinions, unless they are potentially harmful or could have any negative effect on any person or group.